Things to do at night in Albufeira (2023)

After a day of laying on the golden sand, soaking up the sun, you’ll be ready for a quick shower and a night on the tiles. There are loads of things to do at night in Albufeira.

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Sunset boat trips can be a great way to spend the later part of the afternoon, into the early evening. You board the boat at the colourful Marina and then set sail towards Ferragudo, passing the stunning cliffs and caves along the way. Some include dinner and drinks and that makes it a fabulous way to combine dinner, relaxation, sightseeing and fun!

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If you’re down at the Marina, it’s very pleasant to enjoy a leisurely stroll along the pedestrianised promenade with a good selection of bars and restaurants offering the perfect place for a pit stop.

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You can Go Karting on this cool karting track at the marina located in the underground car park that consists of 400m of twisting and challenging corners to blast the karts around. They have a selection of 160cc or 200cc karts that you can hire, and they are open until 9 pm in July & August.

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Hot Shot Bowling overlooks the Marina and has seven lanes, so it’s great for groups too. Show off your skills at the bowling alley or play a game of Air Hockey or foosball. They also have an amusement arcade, pool table and darts on offer.

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Jump aboard a big catamaran with a live DJ act, open bar and a bunch of new friends on this great Boat Party!

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There’s nothing quite like the sound of the waves, but the sound of them on your own private charter is just a little bit sweeter. You can hire a fully crewed luxury yacht with drinks and catering included from the Marina and head off on an Atlantic adventure.

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In the old town, you’ll find that loads of bars have live music in the summer months, Sir Harry’s, Vertigo, Central Planet, Dominos and Steps bars have a good variety of styles ranging from Irish to cover bands, and The Rock Café have a house rock band who play every night.

Surrounding the Montechoro Strip, there’s a load of venues from the family-friendly Fat Cats, Absolbar and Erin’s Isle and then deeper into The Strip you’ll find Wild & Co that has regular live music and Libertos and Matts Bar that cater for more clubby crowds with live DJ sets.

On the outskirts, Casa do Cerro is a pretty funky place that’s worth a mention. Decorated in an Arabic style, has live music, shishas and the occasional belly dancer. The comprehensive drinks list and varied crowd create a good vibe.

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Albufeira, the city that never sleeps. The bright neon lights and pumping music coming from the bars and clubs is one of the things that put this beach holiday destination on the map.

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The nightlife is full on, and you can easily spend a full two weeks in a different place every night.

The clubs are big often host International acts but be warned, if you want to go clubbing in Portugal, pace yourself. None of the clubs even begin to get going until 1 am and can often not be full until 3 am, ouch. Not for the faint-hearted!

Kiss, Le Club, Heaven, Capitulo, Lick and Club Vida are probably the biggest in the Albufeira area. They mostly charge an admission fee that includes your first drink. Don’t lose your drinks card or you could be liable to pay for the whole thing.

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Grab the microphone and show them what you’ve got. Around The Strip you can try Albertus Bar, Absol Bar, Moonflower Bar, High Tide Bar, Blue Star Bar and in the Old Town, DC Bar and Tic-Tacs Bar are very popular.


Some like it hot and if that’s what you’re looking for, head to NoSoloAgua at the end of Falesia / Vilamoura. With party nights, every night in the summer, you can rock up and enjoy a fabulous lounge setting by the sea with DJ’s pumping out tunes all day long. Pedras Amarelas is on Gale beach, and they host weekly sundowners with guest DJ’s, but they start slightly later, after dinner.

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Why not take a Tuk Tuk Tour when the sun goes down and have a good look around without having to put in too much effort. A relaxing way to explore and find your bearings.

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In the height of summer, shopping can be a chore in the day, and many people find it much more pleasant to catch up on their retail therapy after dark. Most shops will stay open until at least 10 pm in the summer and the local shopping mall, Algarve Shopping stays open until midnight.


If you’d prefer a night in, watching a movie, you can pop over to Algarve Shopping and relax in the air-conditioned cinema with a big bucket of popcorn and enjoy a movie on the big screen. Fear not, films are played in their original language, so all the Hollywood blockbusters will be in English.


A little more cultural, Fado is traditional folk music from the mid-1820’s where the singers tell stories of the hardships of historical life in Portugal. The music is on the mournful side, and the lyrics are powerful and melancholic but very moving. Jardim Rustico in Montechoro does a great Fado dinner which is excellent value and lasts for around 3 ½ hours.

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Just outside Albufeira, you’ll find the fantastic FIESA, Sand Sculpture Park where a team of very talented sculptors have created a whole park of scenes and brought iconic legends to life using locally sourced sand.

Open all day until around midnight, Sand City is the largest in the World, and they have a host of activities during the season including workshops, live music, live sculpture and markets.

Now celebrating over 15 years of success, the park is something unique and well worth a visit.

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One of the few places that you can gamble in the Algarve, Vilamoura Casino is a great night out with high-quality shows, slots and of course tables to keep you entertained all night long. Vilamoura is only 15-20mins from Albufeira so its well worth the trip.

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Twilight tee times are by far the best option in the summer, 18 holes in 30 odd degrees is not too much fun for most people, so a later tee off can avoid the heat and give you a nice saving on the green fee as well.

Salgados golf course offers a twilight deal all year. In winter starting at 1pm and finishing at 7pm (until the end of February), and from 3pm until 8pm in the summer months. The price is about €43 per person so its excellent value.

Amendoeira has Twilight from around 11 am in the summer, a shared buggy and use of the driving range are included in the price which starts from €76 per person.

You can book a spot on the Par 3 pitch & putt for €17, but if you want the flood-lights on, they will cost €100 per hour, so better take some friends if you want to play at night. The course is open until 8 pm in the summer, but you can use the pitch & putt until 11 pm. Advanced booking is highly recommended.

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Many people enjoy sitting by the beach or in the old town, enjoying the Al Fresco dining options, sipping cocktails and soaking up the atmosphere. Have a look at our cocktails in 2018 guide to see what’s hot this year.

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All of the front line places that overlook Fisherman’s beach are surprisingly good value for drinks considering the location. They may not be the 1st choice for gourmands, but they are reasonably priced and great for relaxing by the sea.

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Does Albufeira get cold at night? ›

Temperatures also drop both day (17C) and night (8C), so do remember to bring some warm clothes for the cooler nights. Given the change in climate, Albufeira is not a winter sun/beach destination.

Is Albufeira a party spot? ›

The Strip in Albufeira is known for its hardcore partying with places like Matts Bar pumping out the sounds and the drinks. There's a huge choice of bars along the strip and it gets pretty lively there as the night goes on.

What time do bars shut in Albufeira? ›

The bars in Albufeira's Old Town are a relaxed alternative to its famous 'strip' in São João. Most of the bars are open until 4am in the summer and 2am in the winter, giving you plenty of time to get ready after a day at the beach. The main square is the hub of the old town's nightlife and is great for families.

Is Albufeira a good night out? ›

Albufeira is well known and well loved for its colourful nightlife scene. On any given night, an array of beach clubs and bars light up the township in a stretch of vibrant neon lights, each welcoming you in for a cocktail and dance.

What time does nightlife start in Albufeira? ›

To enjoy the nightlife of Albufeira we recommend you get to your first bars around 8 pm preferably after eating a good dinner in one of the many restaurants that surround the strip or even better in the Portugal Rocks Bar. So your stomach is well lined ready for a fierce night of drinking ahead.

Which part of Albufeira has the best nightlife? ›

Areias de São João (The Strip)

This area of Albufeira is where you will find the busy nightlife and is perhaps the most lively place in the Algarve.


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